About Us

We know your problems, because we’ve had them ourselves

In 2014, our Group (the Regency Homes Group) developed a new residential high-rise building, and we were looking for a block manager to take it on for us. We approached the market, and suffice to say the proposals we received were lacklustre (and expensive!).

We have managed our Group’s portfolio since then, and developed our own bespoke software platform, allowing us to handle all the data efficiently, meaning our block managers can spend more time on site doing what they are best at, all whilst saving money by having a reduced back office.

Now we are approaching the market, to offer the same benefits to other freeholders and residents associations.

Operating since the 1980s, managing property since 2014

Our group has been engaged in property since the 1980s, undertaking developments both residential and commercial in nature. The Group’s activities now span hotels, retail and residential.

We have been managing property since 2014, initially for ourselves and previously under the name Regency Homes Management Services, and we now have rebranded as Renzo (annoyingly, there was another managing agent called “Regency”).

Our own tech team

We have our own software development team, which enables us to accommodate any bespoke features, such as fee collection.

We are constantly listening to feedback from our end users and using this to update and improve our software.

Institutional investors

As well as delivering tailored reporting, we can also develop bespoke integrations with your existing systems, and databases.

We can help save you time and deliver more accurate metrics with fully integrated data flow.
Please get in touch to find out how we can accommodate such requirements.

Cross-industry expertise